Majic Stairs Motorized Attic Staircase

Safely access attic storage space with motorized retractable stairs by Majic Stairs.

  • Majic Stair’s retractable stairs are designed to be installed at a angle safe for walking up and down like a regular staircase.
  • Each Majic Stair set comes with full single or double handrails on the attic stairs, and a protective handrail in the attic.
  • No cords to pull down, just press a button. Attic stairs are motorized and retract to store flush with your ceiling.
  • Majic Stairs can be installed by The Garage Enhancement Company in less than a day in your Sebastian FL area home.


Majic Stairs

Installing Motorized Attic Staircases In Your Home

The Majic Stairs motorized attic staircase is an innovative solution for homeowners looking to safely and conveniently access their attic space. Featuring retractable attic stairs with handrails, this product ensures secure and easy navigation to and from your attic. Unlike traditional attic ladders, the Majic Stairs are designed to function like a regular staircase, providing a robust and stable ascent.

These garage stairs to the attic are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. When not in use, the attic stairs retract and store flush with your ceiling, eliminating any visual clutter in your living or garage space. The motorized feature allows you to extend or retract the stairs with just the push of a button, making it a perfect blend of convenience and modern technology.

The Garage Enhancement Company offers professional installation services for these innovative stairs for the garage attic. Our skilled professionals can install your new attic ladder garage system in less than a day, ensuring that you can immediately benefit from the additional accessible storage space. Whether you need a single or double handrail, Majic Stairs products come fully equipped to meet your specific needs and enhance the safety and functionality of your garage attic access.

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Majic Attic Lift

  • The Magic Attic Lift’s motor has built-in obstacle detection, which means it will stop if it senses something in it’s way.

  • Wireless remote control

  • Each Majic Lift unit is equipped with a standard white fire-rated door panel.

  • The Majic Attic Lift is fully adjustable to fit attic floor systems ranging from 2×4′ to 2×16′.

  • Each unit comes with a standard 5 year motor warranty

  • The Majic Attic Lift can be installed by The Garage Enhancement Company in less than a day in your Brevard County home.

Majic Attic Lift

Advantages of Using the Majic Attic Lift

The Majic Attic Lift offers an exceptional solution for homeowners seeking an efficient and safe way to transport items to and from their attic. Equipped with a robust motor that features built-in obstacle detection, this lift ensures that the unit stops immediately if it senses any obstruction in its path, thereby enhancing safety during operation. The standard white fire-rated door panel further adds a layer of security, meeting rigorous fire safety standards.

This innovative attic lift is fully adjustable, accommodating attic floor systems from 2×4 to 2×16, making it versatile enough to fit a wide range of attic configurations. The inclusion of a wireless remote control provides users with the ultimate convenience, allowing them to operate the lift with ease without having to be physically near the unit. Coupled with a 5 year motor warranty, the Majic Attic Lift stands as a reliable and long-lasting attic transport solution.

The Garage Enhancement Company offers professional installation services for the Majic Attic Lift, ensuring that the installation process is quick and hassle-free. In less than a day, our skilled technicians can integrate this powerful attic lift system into your Brevard County home, allowing you to start enjoying the benefits of efficient attic access immediately.

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