Frequently Asked Questions

The Garage Enhancement Co’s floor coating system is specifically designed for commercial and residential garage floor applications.

The chemistry behind the system stems from industrial applications, for example aircraft hangers; therefore the durability is second to none with-standing the harshest chemicals these applications can be subjected to. Our floor coatings are extremely durable, chemical resistant, UV tolerant, non-slip and stain proof.

We use high-tech grinding machines to profile the concrete and remove any previous floor coating. We never use any chemicals

to prepare the garage floors, such as acid etching. By profiling the concrete we open up the pores to allow the epoxy base coat to wick into the concrete which is why our adhesion is backed with a lifetime warranty against peeling or bubbling.

All small cracks/imperfections will be repaired and this will be included in your free estimate. Any larger cracks or issues may be subject to additional charges.
Unfortunately we do not move or clean out the garage, we do not want to be responsible for damage to precious items or expensive equipment.
90% of our garages are done in 1 day, occasionally Mother Nature gets in our way.

You can walk on the garage floor after 24 hours and park your car in the garage after 48 hours.

The following are a few basic steps that we recommend for cleaning and caring for your epoxy coated garage floor:

  • Sweep floors or use a blower to remove any loose dirt etc. Use paper towels or rags to pick up large spills. You may wish to use a hose to rinse off the floor if you have a lot of dirt and debris prior to mopping.
  • Prepare a cleaning solution for mopping the floor. You can use any general household cleaner such as Fabuloso or Mr. Clean at a rate of ½ cup per gallon (Do NOT use soap-based products as these leave a film and can become extremely slippy when wet).
  • Once you apply the solution, use a mop with hot water to clean the floor and rinse frequently to rid your mop of the accumulated dirt and your floor of the soapy residual. We have also found that Steam Mop’s do an excellent job as well.
We are a dealer for Gladiator Garageworks® by Whirlpool.

Gladiator Garageworks’ versatile line of products help create the most complete organization system. They work together so you can get the most out of your garage–wall to wall! Made from heavy-duty steel, Gladiator® cabinets and modular storage products feature a welded construction that ensures outstanding performance in any environment.

We sell and install OnRax® overhead storage racks. Made from heavy duty steel, these racks attach to the ceiling trusses and give you more accessible overhead storage space.
Once the cabinets arrive to our shop, our team of professionals can normally install the cabinets in one day.​
Gladiator Garageworks® offers a 10-year limited warranty on most products. Select models are backed with a lifetime warranty!