Epoxy Garage Floors in Indialantic, Florida

At The Garage Enhancement Company, we excel in delivering exceptional epoxy floor services that go beyond ordinary DIY kits. With a focus on meticulous surface preparation and the use of thicker epoxy mixes infused with vibrant color chips, we ensure unmatched quality. Our expert installation team guarantees durable, visually appealing results that transform your garage into a stunning, enduring space with enhanced protection.


Garage Storage Solutions in Indialantic

The Garage Enhancement Company surpasses traditional installations by providing a team of expert technicians committed to maintaining superior standards in every aspect of your storage solution. Whether you need storage for garden tools or sports equipment, our team specializes in creating efficient, well-organized systems that maximize vertical space in your garage, allowing you to reclaim valuable floor space effectively.

Shade, Insect, & Garage Screens in Indialantic, FL

Experience the innovative Shade, Insect, and Garage Screens service by The Garage Enhancement! Our screens are equipped with advanced antimicrobial protection, seamlessly converting your garage into versatile spaces effortlessly. Say goodbye to pests and debris while improving outdoor comfort and energy efficiency. Easily operate screens, shutters, television, fans, and other features remotely through your smartphone for unparalleled convenience.

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Garage Cabinets in Indialantic

Finding the perfect storage solution for your garage has never been easier. With precision and care, The Garage Enhancement Company presents meticulously crafted cabinets designed to seamlessly integrate into any space, accommodating items of all sizes with ease. Explore a variety of sizes, styles, and colors to uncover the ideal match that not only fulfills your storage requirements but also enhances the visual charm of your garage, harmonizing with your home decor. Whether you need to store heavy equipment or simply desire a more organized space for your supplies, The Garage Enhancement Company offers solutions that streamline the process of maintaining an orderly and secure environment.

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Quality Craftsmanship, Stunning Results

With our lifetime guaranteed floor coating, garage cabinets and innovative storage solutions, your garage will finally be a beautiful and functional part of your home, increasing your homes usable space and enhancing your lifestyle.

View some of our dramatic transformations from recent projects.